Out of the mouth of babes . . .

At one of our adoption events, I overheard one of our 11 year old foster & volunteers  – let’s call her Emma – explaining to a potential adoptive couple and their daughter  the adoption process.  Our Volunteer/Foster had been showing up for our events since she was 8 and was quite the authority.
They made plans to come back the next weekend to visit with  dog with the entire family as the brother was away at camp.  The following weekend, they did indeed return with brother in tow and I overheard the sister explain the adoption process, describe what happened to the dog that made her  in need of a new home, her breed and why she would be a perfect fit for their home.  Some of our best ideas for helping homeless animals have come from our younger crew.  We decided to shoot a pilot of an example of what our kids have done for a few of our lucky pups.  Enjoy !